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West Heights Community Elementary
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Mr. Mikel Brogan


March 26th, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians;

I hope you and your families are safe and well during these unprecedented times. As the principal of West Heights Community School, I just wanted to reach out and share the limited information that I have at this time. Understandably, as things are in constant flux, any plans that are in place today may change at anytime so please do not take any information shared at this time as concrete.   

At the moment, the Mission Public School District's (MPSD) leadership team and teachers have been, and will continue, working hard to create a plan to facilitate some form of education for our students starting on Monday, April 6th. What this may look like for each class will depend on a variety of factors. I have attached an email with important information shared by the superintendent, Angus Wilson, earlier today. Also, your input is greatly appreciated. Please go to the following link to give to give your valued information and input which will help with planning going forward:

As you will be aware, face to face instruction has stopped in all BC schools as of March 17, 2020. As Mission Public Schools prepares for what post Spring Break continuity of instruction might look like for our students and families, we wanted to send out this brief survey to collect some information.

Although I have already began working remotely, I plan to be physically back in the school starting next week.  However, we ask that you do not come to the school until we have contacted families letting them know it is safe to do so. However, please feel free to contact us next week with any pertinent questions you may have. Rest assured, either myself or Mr. Wilson will send out a letter to families as important information becomes available. Also, please make sure to keep your eyes on the MPSD website as it will also share important notices as information unfolds. 

I hope you and your families continue to stay safe in these difficult times.  We look forward to working in partnership with you to provide a continuity of education for your children. 

Warmest regards,

Mikel Brogan

   I am very enthusiastic about my second school year as principal of West Heights Community Elementary School.  We have had a great start to the 2019/2020 school year. I am excited to see the great things we have started as a school community as they come to fruition moving in to 2020!

    To name some of the exciting projects that we are working on so far this year: we have already raised around $18,000 for our inclusive playground. We plan to put in our first phase early in the New Year. We also have everything in place to start our school wide project early in the New Year. Moreover, we plan to have our school inclusive community garden operational by late spring. I cannot extend enough thank you to our entire school community (parents, PAC, students and staff) for contributing to all of the great things we are working to achieve this school year. 

   To give a little background on myself, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts Degree from Simon Fraser University (S.F.U.), and I pursued my Bachelor of Education through the University of British Columbia (U.B.C.). I believe strongly in life-long learning and completed my Master of Education in Leadership and Administration, with a partial focus in counseling, through Gonzaga University. I have over a decade of experience as an educator that spans from Kindergarten to grade 12. I have also taught both internationally and locally. As many of you know, I was the vice principal and acting principal of Heritage Park Middle School before commencing at West Heights last spring. Before that, I was a vice principal and principal at various elementary schools in the Cariboo.

   My mission as an educational leader is to help students become industrious, confident and creative builders of their futures. My vision is focused on developing the whole student so that they can become well balanced, healthy individuals, who will contribute positively both inside and outside of our community walls. To achieve this, I promote physical activity, emotional well-being, proper diet and a strong sense of belonging. 

   I strive to facilitate an educational environment that helps students meet academic challenges with an openness to taking risks with enthusiasm, while learning to solve problems strategically. I strive to support the development of children who are thoughtful individuals that actively contribute a sense of community and compassion for all.

   Here at West Heights Community Elementary School, we have a proud group of educators and students who are continually doing great things! I believe it is important to celebrate and acknowledge the developments and achievements our school. For this reason, I have created this blog so that parents and guardians can be updated monthly on the fantastic things that are occurring in our school. Please see the photos under my principal blog page to see some of the great things we are doing on a monthly basis.

   Please feel free to contact me at or call the school with any questions you may have. I look forward to a great 2019-2020 school year ahead!

Kindest regards,

Mikel Brogan-Principal