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Our "Welcome to Kindergarten" session is soon approaching. Please join us on June 7th at 1pm!

Welcome to Kindergarten


Welcome to West Heights Community School


West Heights Community School is located on the west side of Mission with a population of approximately 243. We are a welcoming community that is a central hub in the neighbourhood. We offer a variety of programs that support our students. Buddy Reading program and collaboration between classes are only a few curriculum examples along with extra-curricular activites such as: Chess Club, Me to We, and sports. Students can also volunteer for compost and recycling crews, as office monitors, and equipment sign out. In addition to French offered to our Intermediate students, we teach the Aboriginal language Halq'emeylem for some of our Primary classes.

The Ministry of Education program, StrongStart, is offered in our school for parents/caregivers with children aged 0 to 5. Club Kids will be offered at our school beginning September. We are also fortunate to have the parent Advisory Council volunteer in the school on a daily basis who run the kitchen daily and provide emergency lunches and a Breakfast club open daily from 7:45am-8:15am which is open to eveyone at the school which is operated by staff.

Mission Statement

The Mission of West Heights School, in partnership with our diverse community, is to encourage our students to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes of a lifelong learner and to strive for personal excellence within a respectful, tolerant environment.

Home of the Thunderbirds - "If you believe it, you can achieve it."

Gym Mural




School Supply Lists










Bus Transportation Registration for 2017 - 2018

Bus Info


Please click on the link below to access the policies


Code of Conduct

Dress Code



Parent feedback survey for report card committee

Dear Mission School District Elementary School Families,

As part of the report card template revision process, we are looking for your feedback! Please click on the link to complete a short survey so we can gather your input. The survey will be available until April 12th.

Thank you!



Payment Online


Online Payments

School District 75 uses the KEV School Cash Online payment system to allow parents to view and pay for their child’s student fees, year books, t-shirts, field trips, and other things safely and conveniently online. If you don’t already have an account, we encourage you to register your account online now by clicking on the link below and following these easy instructions. If you do have an account you can use the link to easily log into your account.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Get Started Today”
  3. Create your account
    • Enter first and last name; click continue
    • Enter fields: address, phone number, e-mail address; click continue
    • Choose a password and security question
    • Make sure to OPT IN to receiving e-mail notifications for updated school information

Thank you for your participation!



Click here to find out where your neighbourhood school is.


2018-19 Student Registration

Mission Public Schools welcomes new students to the school district. In- person registration is required at the neighbourhood school or school of choice (if space is available). Please see the registration form which outlines information about the documents required and other important information.

Kindergarten Registration week will begin

January 15th – January 19th 2018

2018-19 Kindergarten Registration Including Schools/Programs of Choice

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to welcome your five-year-old to his/her first year of school with Mission Public Schools. Please ensure that you read the Kindergarten Entrance ProceduresPriorto completing the registration form.

Please note: NO registration form will be active UNTIL the registration form and information required is presented to the school secretary (in person, at the school), and the “Office Use Only” portion of the form is filled out by the school secretary.

Kindergarten Entrance Procedures





Please click on this link for more information.


Triple P Parenting Program at West Heights,

Wednesdays from 1:15 to 2:15

beginning on February 21st

(Triple P brochure in Punjabi)



Therapy Dog Program

Therapy Dog

Mary Philpot and her dog 'Murphy'


Computer Tools for Students - September 2017

Welcome back to a new school year.  The IT Department has been working to upgrade the Information Technology services for the students and staff in the district.  The use of digital resources and computers/iPads has been ongoing in the district for more than 15 years.  Each year, students have an account created to allow them to use the computers provided by the school district.   District Computers and iPad devices have a variety of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), that you may be familiar with, as well as access to the internet.  Mission Public Schools does not provide students with email accounts, even though their usernames look like an email account, students are not able to receive or send email messages with their Mission Public Schools Account.  

Our District Network and Cloud servers store and save the work that students and staff create.   The information is not accessible to any persons other than the user.  The school district manages all accounts related to our school district, but for management reasons only.  While there is no guarantee that all computer related services are 100% free from a person with exceptional computer knowledge and skills from “hacking” into our servers, we have put in place many security provisions and monitor the system regularly.  In fact, our cloud servers have a greater level of security due to the size of Microsoft and their ability to have a large security staff dedicated to keeping files safe. 

None of the programs that we are using in the district create a public profile that can be access by anyone.  All of the tools on our computers are restricted to users within our system.   

If you have further questions about any of the programs that we are using in the School District, please contact Colleen Hannah – District Principal Innovation & Technology (

To check out the tutorials for MYBLUEPRINT:



Please take some time to read over the Code of Conduct with your child/children. We welcome your feedback! Click on the link: Student Code of Conduct

  1. Treat yourself and others with RESPECT
  3. Ensure SAFETY of yourself and others by making wise choices.

This school year, we are working on improving literacy, numeracy and social responsibility skills.

Our School Growth Plan can be accessed here.



2017/2018 Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance Policy

2017/2018 Kids Plus TM Accident Insurance Policy

Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance offers protection against the unexpected costs of injury from accidents, and is especially valuable for families who:

  • do not have medical or dental plans,
  • have limited plans, as it may help supplement health and dental benefits, or
  • have active children who enjoy sports and outdoor activities.

For complete plan details, please visit



Currently, there is a lot of change taking place with the direction of learning in British Columbia. Part of this change has to do with the B.C. curriculum and the change from outcome focuses to competency based focus. Parents should be watching and listening to what is happening by visiting the ministry website and getting some background information on what these changes might look like. Check out the faq page that gives parents some rationale for the changes in the curriculum.

As schools change to the new curriculum in September 2016, there is much excitement that teachers will be able to dig deeper into learning making it more meaningful, engaging and connected to the real world through skills that students can apply as they grow up and become citizens in our society.

Please be aware that there are two days that have been mandated by the Ministry of Education in order for teachers and district staff to have the opportunity to learn about the new curriculum and plan for its implementation. These two new non-instructional days will be February 22nd and May 2nd. School will not be in session on these days.



Mission is currently in need of nurturing host families who want to provide a caring “home away fromhome” for our elementary and secondary international students.  Student placements can range from two weeks to two years or more!  These paid positions are a wonderful way to learn about another culture and to share Canada with students from another country.  Most international students are looking for a host family that includes mom and dad as well as school age children.  We are particularly in need of families with children in grades 4 – 7.  If you are interested in hosting students, please apply on-line: Homestay; New Host Families; click On-line Application Form.  Please complete all 5 sections of the on-line application form. For more information, call the International Program Office at 604-826-6286 ex. 3336. 







School Cash

Contact Us:

West Heights Community
32065 Van Velzen Avenue
Mission, BC, Canada
V2V 2G6

Tel: 604 826 6401

Fax: 604 826 9934


Darran Forrest


School Day

8:25 a.m. – 2:23 p.m.

First Bell: 8:25

Class time: 8:30-10:05

Recess: 10:05-10:20

Class time: 10:20-11:55

Lunch: 11:55-12:35

Class time: 12:35-2:23

Dismissal 2:23


No Stopping or Parking

There is room to stop along the side of the driveway coming into the school yard and exiting the school yard, as well as in the Parking area.
This is an 'EMERGENCY LANE' and is required by law to stay open.
Thank you


Unscheduled Closures:

Parents / guardians please check

the District website: for updates regarding inclement weather.

Also, you may tune your Radio to:




To register, call the Mission Leisure Centre

Phone: 604.820.5360



Facility Rental

District of Mission - Parks, Recreation & Culture

7650 Grand Street, Mission, BC, V2V 3T3

Phone: 604-820-5368 | Fax: 604-826-4396





click here To read about PAC Meetings and Events


Neuro Emotional Literacy


To sign up, click on the blue link below:



What is it?  

Six one-afternoon-per-week workshops on how emotions work in the brain and the body,

how emotions can be recognized and managed, and how you can help your children learn to better manage their emotions.


Research shows that children who have caregivers (i.e. parents, daycare workers, teachers) who have knowledge about

emotional literacy and who practice and model effective emotion regulation strategies: are more empathetic and less likely

to bully, are better able to cope with stress, do better in school, and experience higher degrees of emotional and physical well-being.

When? One day per week for 6 weeks: October 12–November  16, 2:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Information meeting/registration on October 5, 2017 at 2:25 p.m. Room 134.

Bring your children. Coffee/tea/juice and snacks served.

What’s in it for me?

  • Free childcare while you are attending the workshops
  • Free dinner for you and your family after each workshop
  • Free snacks for you and your children after school (and coffee/tea for adults)
  • Become a better manager of emotions to improve well-being for your family
  • Become part of a parent support group to relieve the stresses of childrearing
  • Certificate of Achievement

Comments from parents who have already completed the workshops:

“Every parent should take this course!”

“I am a better parent and a calmer person after taking this course.”

“Because of this course, I have tackled things I didn’t think I could ever do.”

“I made a very good friend because of this course.”

“I am so much better at dealing with the stress of parenting.”

Contact Dr. Kate Patten at for more information.