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2017-2018 Executive Elected

President: Elisa Englehart-Williams

Vice-president: Kathleen Johnson Tatham

Kitchen Co-ordinators: Kathleen Johnson Tatham

Hot Lunch Co-ordinator: Kathleen Johnson

Secretary: Bea Christie

Page Admin: Illona Schmidt (page admin)

Fundraising Co-ordinator: Lyndsay Rondpre

Member at Large: Brenna Ainsworth

Member at Large: Kaitlyn Dinnes

Treasure: TBA

Laminating Help: Brandy Stecyk

DPAC Rep: Ilona Schmidt + Elisa Englehart-Williams

Constitution & Bylaws:…


PAC Meetings are held in the Eagle Room during the day.


The next PAC meeting will be:

September 27th

@ 7:00 pm in the Eagle Room


Parent Resouces

Parents Guide to IEP Planning


We value our parent and school volunteers! If you are wanting to volunteer, please let the office know. All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application as well as a Volunteer Driver form if you will be transporting students. These forms must be completed each year and processed at the school office. A Criminal Record Check also needs completion. The attached letter must be personally taken to the Mission RCMP detachment for processing. A CRC is valid for 5 years. You will be notified if your CRC is due to expire. Thanks for your dedication and support in making our school a great place to be!

When completing Criminal Checks through the RCMP, please have the following:

When a person needs to fill out a Police Information Check for any reason like employment or volunteering, they must provide 2 separate pieces of government issued ID. The BCDL/Care Card combo constitutes 1 piece of ID.


- BCDL (to show where they live) (if the address shows a different city other than Mission/Dewdney/Deroche/Hatzic .. they must bring in a piece of mail to show a Mission/Dewdney/Deroche/Hatzic address)

- Care Card

- Birth Certificate

- Passport

- Nexus


***SIN cards are not accepted as they do not have the applicants Date Of Birth on it.





PAC Logo

The PAC needs you. We are in search of parents who wish to be a part of their child’s education.

What does the Parent Advisory Committee Do?

Some of the fundraisers that we organize are:

What will it do for you?

Keep you informed. Gives you information on the programs run during and after school hours. Gives you the knowledge in your child's education and what they are learning. Volunteering your time gives you resources to help your children in their education. You get to know your child's teacher and Principal.

We can accommodate your schedule. We are looking for a wide variety of help. You tell us what you are able to do and we can find the perfect job for you. If you are able to help every month for 1 hour, one week only, one event, one position for 1 year we are in need of you.

Please call Elisa at 604-302-1460 or for further information.


School Cash

Contact Us:

West Heights Community
32065 Van Velzen Avenue
Mission, BC, Canada
V2V 2G6

Tel: 604 826 6401

Fax: 604 826 9934


Darran Forrest


School Day

8:25 a.m. – 2:23 p.m.

First Bell: 8:25

Class time: 8:30-10:05

Recess: 10:05-10:20

Class time: 10:20-11:55

Lunch: 11:55-12:35

Class time: 12:35-2:23

Dismissal 2:23


No Stopping or Parking

There is room to stop along the side of the driveway coming into the school yard and exiting the school yard, as well as in the Parking area.
This is an 'EMERGENCY LANE' and is required by law to stay open.
Thank you


Unscheduled Closures:

Parents / guardians please check

the District website: for updates regarding inclement weather.

Also, you may tune your Radio to:




To register, call the Mission Leisure Centre

Phone: 604.820.5360



Facility Rental

District of Mission - Parks, Recreation & Culture

7650 Grand Street, Mission, BC, V2V 3T3

Phone: 604-820-5368 | Fax: 604-826-4396





click here To read about PAC Meetings and Events


Neuro Emotional Literacy


To sign up, click on the blue link below:



What is it?  

Six one-afternoon-per-week workshops on how emotions work in the brain and the body,

how emotions can be recognized and managed, and how you can help your children learn to better manage their emotions.


Research shows that children who have caregivers (i.e. parents, daycare workers, teachers) who have knowledge about

emotional literacy and who practice and model effective emotion regulation strategies: are more empathetic and less likely

to bully, are better able to cope with stress, do better in school, and experience higher degrees of emotional and physical well-being.

When? One day per week for 6 weeks: October 12–November  16, 2:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Information meeting/registration on October 5, 2017 at 2:25 p.m. Room 134.

Bring your children. Coffee/tea/juice and snacks served.

What’s in it for me?

  • Free childcare while you are attending the workshops
  • Free dinner for you and your family after each workshop
  • Free snacks for you and your children after school (and coffee/tea for adults)
  • Become a better manager of emotions to improve well-being for your family
  • Become part of a parent support group to relieve the stresses of childrearing
  • Certificate of Achievement

Comments from parents who have already completed the workshops:

“Every parent should take this course!”

“I am a better parent and a calmer person after taking this course.”

“Because of this course, I have tackled things I didn’t think I could ever do.”

“I made a very good friend because of this course.”

“I am so much better at dealing with the stress of parenting.”

Contact Dr. Kate Patten at for more information.