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West Heights Community Elementary
Home of the Thunderbirds
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School Philosophy
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West Heights Community School

West Heights Mission Statement

The Mission of West Heights Community School, in partnership with our diverse community, is to encourage our students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of a lifelong learner and to strive for personal excellence within a respectful, tolerant environment. 

School Philosophy
The role of West Heights Community school is to provide an environment for children to learn. As well, it is recognized that this school is an integral part of a dynamic society, and provision is made for community contact so that communications between parents and the school is regular. In order to accomplish the above principles, the fundamental responsibilities of this school in educating the children are three fold.
1.This school is accountable for enabling students to become educated citizens by providing learning experiences that focus on developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of communication, mathematics, sciences, practical arts and fine arts.
2. It is realized that learning is a function of healthy self esteem. Therefore this school provides opportunities for pupils, regardless of the differences in their academic capacities, to satisfy their emotional needs, to strive for personal excellence and success, and to make a positive contribution to society.
3. This school’s educational process is developmental such that there exist programs of studies to accommodate the children’s individual differences, abilities and capacities. In addition, individual and social development is promoted through the teachers’ efforts in varying expectations according to the children’s capabilities.