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Counsellor's Corner


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Meg Kruger
District Counselor

New this week from the Counsellor:

This week I thought it would be useful to look at emotions.

To help children control their emotions it is important that they learn about emotions.

Learning about emotions starts with being able to name them….

happy, sad, grumpy and glad….and all the rest.

As children learn to recognize their feelings then they can begin to control their responses to their feelings.


Help you child to grow their feeling vocabulary – name their feelings as they are happening. For example say: “hey you look so happy this morning or wow you are very frustrated right now.”

This helps them learn the names of the feelings and most importantly it validates the feeling for the child.

This validation helps the child to know that you are listening to them and that their feelings are real and that their feelings are important. (more on this next week)

Try watching this video for ‘Why we lose control and how our brain works’.   



Try thinking about all the different feelings there are. Remember there are no ‘good or bad’ feelings. But…sometimes what we do when we have a strong feeling is not helpful or ‘good’.


AND Check out the Videos !!!

For Younger students:


A story read aloud:




For Older students:    Why we lose control and how our brain works     Info on Emotions