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 StrongStart Sign-Up Information


The following information is also on district & elementary websites & all social media. 


  • Here is the link to the fillable Registration Form which can also be printed & manually completed for your information:


  • Registration occurs as it regularly does. Diane & Lisa have indicated they can process them as per usual in MyED.


  • IN ADDITION to completing the registration form, families must sign-up for a specific time slot. Here is the link to the Microsoft Form for your information:


  • A StrongStart Educator will contact the families to communicate which session they have secured.


  • Monday sessions are online & open to everyone. They can access information through the StrongStart Facebook page:


Dear Families,

As always, we hope everyone is doing well and that you are giving yourself time to adjust to all the changes coming at us.

It seems we have moved from hot, sunny days to Spring showers.  While we sometimes find it easier to get outside when the weather is nice, being outdoors and developing a relationship with nature is beneficial to all areas of growth and development.  Studies have shown exposure to outdoor play can improve self-regulation, as well as physical and emotional wellbeing.  Simple activities such as a walk around the block, a rainy-day scavenger hunt or puddle jumping can encourage creativity, risk taking and problem-solving skills.

Here’s a link to just some of the activities that you can do outside:

Now, most every activity that you can do inside, can be brought outdoors, but let’s acknowledge that sometimes getting yourself and the kids ready for what might only be 5 minutes of outside time, doesn’t feel worth it.  Attached is our second “Let’s Play!” document with activities that can be done inside or out.  But most importantly, we want you to know that it’s okay...

It's Ok.png

Whether you get outside or are staying indoors, we are all doing our best! Please remember that we are here if you need to connect!


Warmest wishes,

The StrongStart Team: Alison, Brianne, Diana, Julie, Jun and Nicole



CLICK on the 'Lets Go Camping' PDF below and following the directions.

Let's Go Camping.pdf

Dear families,


We hope this letter finds you well and that you have been able to spend some time outside despite all the rain and hail we've been having. Sunshine is in the forecast and it looks like it will be warming up!

This week is Mental Health Week and we wanted to start off by doing a check in with you. During this time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with our responsibilities and with helping those around us, including our children.  We want to give a gentle reminder to go easy on yourself and find time for self-care and mindfulness.

Here are a few links to only some of the wonderful resources out there for you and your family:

"Practical Tips for Staying Positive During Covid-19" -

"Virtual Calming Room" -

"Canadian Mental Health Association" -

"Kelty Mental Health" -

 StrongStart - Just a Friendly Reminder.jpg

If you haven't had a chance, please check out our Facebook page for more links, resources and videos!


Warmest wishes,

The StrongStart Team: Alison, Brianne, Diana, Julie, Jun and Nicole

 Bubbles 1.pngBubbles 2.png





Sensory play can be calming for some children.  This activity uses household items such as soap, a whisk, a bin and bottle tops (this can be substituted with other things you may have on hand) to create an engaging sensory exploration. 




  • Building up fine motor skills and coordination
  • Problem solving – finding strategies to overcome challenges
  • Encouraging imagination and creativity
  • Developing an understanding and awareness of cause and effect
  • Language development- experimenting with language and trying new words
  • Self-esteem: sensory play offers kids the opportunity for self-expression because there is no right answer and children feel safe to change or experiment with what they are doing
  • Social skills: taking turns, communication and following directions





PRINTING with household objects, recycled objects and/or small toys

recycle object for StrongStart.png

Select a range of household objects and/or small toys which can be dipped in paints and used for printing. Rummage around and see what interesting items you can find that can be used to create colorful artwork!


*children will explore and make observations as they handle different materials

*gives opportunity for children to create and design using prints

*children will learn new vocabulary and shape concepts

*children will develop early math skills such as patterns, sizes, counting and spatial awareness


Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!


Warmest wishes,

Alison, Brianne, Diana, Julie, Jun and Nicole

The StrongStart Team

Strong Start Centre

The parent is the first and most important teacher in a child’s life. Increased involvement in their education contributes to success. Parents and Caregivers with children ages birth to five can attend this program at no cost. The program goals are to offer you a place to play with your child in a warm and supportive environment and to get ready for Kindergarten. The program begins September 8th . Here are the new hours for West Heights: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 12-2:15pm and Tuesday, Thursday - 8:30-11:30. The StrongStart Centre is open every day that school is in session at West Heights. We welcome your participation.

Strong Start Is:

  • A place where families are valued and recognized as their child’s very first and most important teacher.
  • A place that models and supports family literacy
  • A place to meet other children and their families
  • A place which reflects the language and cultures of the communities
  • A place where information on parenting concerns, child development, school facilities, and local community resources are readily available
  • A place where learning is fun. Parents and caregivers play alongside their child, therefore encouraging early learning.
  • A place where children can develop emotionally, socially, physically, cognitively.
  • Who attends

Strong Start is designed for preschool aged children and their parent/caregiver; however children from birth to six years of age are very welcome. We encourage the whole family to join us.

    Hours of operation - During School Days ....

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-11:30 am

Monday, Wednesday, *Friday 12:00-2:15pm

*Strong Start is closed the last Friday of each month 

Dear Families,  

We miss you! We hope you and your families are remaining healthy and safe during these challenging times. It is hard not to be connecting with you in person and enjoying our regular routine of talking, laughing, learning and playing together.

We want you to know that all StrongStart staff are still working and are committed to supporting families however we can. We would like to invite you to join our StrongStart Early Years Facebook Group at where we will be posting information, story readings, videos and activities over the coming weeks.

We are attaching a graphic below which we feel is a good reminder for all of us to focus on the things that are in our control and try to let go of the things that are not: 


 I cannot control.jpg



 The Child Mind Institute has posted tips on how to talk to children about the Coronavirus which we found really helpful.  A resource has also been written especially for parents and caregivers to remind us about "Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus." We have attached these documents and the website link below. For those of you who have children with many questions, "The Story of the Oyster and the Butterfly" by Ana G Gomez helps explain the Coronavirus and the special things we are all doing to stay safe. The link to the author's youtube reading of the story can be found at:

We encourage you to take one day at a time and recognize the amazing job you are doing right now! We are here to support you and your children in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for information or support. We hope to be interacting with many of you through Facebook and we will also continue to send emails. Take care of yourselves!

Warmest Regards,

Alison, Brianne, Diana, Julie, Jun and Nicole

The StrongStart Team

Attachments & Website Links