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West Heights Community Elementary
Home of the Thunderbirds
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Results of game played on Thursday, February 15th: 

The West Heights Thunderbirds opened their volleyball season on Thursday at Christine Morrison. Both teams played 4 games each. The highly competitive BLUE team managed to win 3 games and were dominate in all aspects of their game.  The super enthusiastic WHITE team managed to win 2 games .  It was a great start to the season.

Results of game played on Thursday, February 22th: 

The Thunderbirds roared back into action last Thursday against the teams from Cherry Hill and Dewdney.  All 3 games went the distance of 25 points. The BLUE team won 3 games out of four. While the WHITE team managed to secure their second victory of the season with a win against the Dragons from Dewdney.   Next game is Thursday at Windebank and playoffs start the week of March 4th.

Results of game played on Thursday, February 29th: 

Another outstanding effort from both teams last Thursday at Windebank.  Both teams won 2 games and played really well in all 3 games. The BLUE team has really improved in serving and bumping. While the WHITE team has solidified team play and setting the volleyball.  The year end tournament is Thursday March 7 at Heritage Park. Hope to see everyone cheering on the Thunderbirds to victory.​_____________________________________________

Games continue this week at Windebank Elementary on Thursday .​​​​​

Dear West Heights Families,

If your child is not on the Volleyball team, please disregard this email.

The athletes have been provided a schedule of upcoming games and locations with our first game taking place this Thursday, February 29th @ WINDEBANK ELEMENTARY

We have had such strong interest this year, we will be fielding two teams. You may notice on the schedule that we have a West Heights A and West Heights B team. Please note that the players on each team will be evenly distributed. Whether your child is on Team A or B it is not indicative of skill level.

Our teams will play multiple games during each play session with games beginning as soon as the teams arrive. Please ensure you have arranged with your child a ride to and from the host school.

Game dates and locations are as follows:

@ Christine Morrison - Thursday, February 15th

@ Albert McMahon     - Thursday, February 22nd

@ Windebank              - Thursday, February 29th 

@ Heritage Park Middle - Final Tournament First week of March 7th (HERITAGE PARK MIDDLE)

Wishing all our athletes the best of luck this season!


 Jordan Klassen​

 Volleyball Game Dates


@Morrison               @McMahon              @Central              @Windebank *Feb 14         @ Hillside

Morrison A               McMahon A             Central A             Windebank             Hillside A

Morrison B               McMahon B              Central B             Central C                Hillside B

W. Hts. A                    Hatzic A                    St. Falls A             Central D               McMahon C                                                  

W. Hts. B                    Hatzic B                     St. Falls B            Silverdale               Deux R

C Hill B                        C Hill A                      Dewdney             Morrison C            Deroche

ESR B                                                                                                 ESR A​


@Morrison              @ McMahon             @Central           @Windebank             @Hillside Feb 21*

Morrison A              McMahon A             Central A             Windebank                 Hillside A

Morrison C              McMahon C             Central B              St. Falls A                    Hillside B

Hatzic A                    West Hts A               Deroche               St. Falls B                    Central C

Hatzic B                    West Hts. B               C Hill A                 McMahon B               Central D                                                              

Silverdale                  Dewdney                  C Hill B                 Deux Rives                 Morrison B

                                                                       ESR B                                                          ESR A


@Morrison          @McMahon* FEB 28       @Central                @Windebank          @Hillside     

Morrison  B                McMahon B                 Central A               Windebank           Hillside A                        

Morrison  C                McMahon C                  Central B               West Hts A            Hillside B                      

St. Falls A                    Central C                       McMahon A          West Hts  B           Hatzic A                      

St. Falls B                    Central D                       Morrison A           C Hill B                   Hatzic B

Deux Rives                  McMahon A                  Silverdale              C Hill A                   Dewdney                                   

                                        ESR A                            Deroche                ESR B