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FOR 2022 -2023



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School Supply Orders for Mission Schools


Hello Parents, Thank you so much for bearing with us last year as we faced stock challenges, as well as challenges with the new site.  I have tested the site and it is working great!  The bad news is that vendors like Crayola, Hilroy etc are still experiencing the effects of the pandemic with stock shortages.  We are committed to make it EASY for parents to shop.  If an item is showing out of stock, you will be given a link to go back to to look for an alternative item.  If you are unsure what might be appropriate, please feel free to email me. 


To order…Go to, using Chrome if possible

-Type in your School Name and Grade

-Review the items and delete any that you may already have

-Add to cart

-You will then, most likely, get a list of items that are out of stock, at this time I would take a picture of the list for easy reference.  Then you can take the link back to to look for an alternative

-Once you have completed your shopping you will go to the cart and the discount will appear there

Don't forget that 3% of all your orders goes back to your school and if you purchase on the School Tools Site, all of your supplies are teacher approved and guaranteed for the entire school year


We are all in this together.   Please email me as always with any questions or concerns.


Jaime Strocel